The Impact Of Value Engineering Technology On Improving Customer Value Analytical study of a sample of private hospitals in Baghdad


  • Zaid Mohammed Abdulrahman Al.Adhami al-Iraqia University / College of Administration and Economics
  • Maha Abdulkareem H. Alrawi University of Technology / Department of Production - Engineering and Metallurgy


The variables of the current research in the recent period have received increasing attention for being one of the important and influential topics on the future of service institutions, especially health ones, as the customer (the patient) is considered one of the most important elements that are focused on in the production process and the provision of goods and services. From this point of view, the research problem has been identified through the large gap that has emerged and aggravated in the field of institutions seeking to improve the value provided to the customer through the commodity or service provided to him, especially health care institutions that are looking to attract this customer (patient) and improve the value provided to him. The problem also emerged about the nature and level of interest in the dimensions of value engineering and customer value in hospitals, the research sample, and the extent of the impact of the dimensions of value engineering technology in improving the value of the patient. To study this, the research adopted a test of the type and direction of the relationship between value engineering technology as an independent variable and customer value as a responsive variable. The aim of the current research is to test and determine the technical relationship of value engineering in improving customer value. A number of hypotheses have been formulated for this purpose, the most important of which is finding the correlation and influence relationship between the value engineering variable and the customer value. The field research method was used by distributing a questionnaire to a sample of department managers and people's officials from doctors, their number reached (97) doctors in three private hospitals: the International Hospital, Al-Moayad Hospital, and Al-Qimma Hospital. As for the most prominent conclusions, it was represented: that all the correlation and influence relationships of value engineering technology with customer value were good and with moral significance. The research concluded with a set of recommendations, the most important of which were: Hospitals should devote their efforts in the field of service value engineering technology and employ it in improving customer value through special programs designed for this purpose.




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