Knowledge Dynamics and Role in Achieving of Management of Customer Experience


  • Nadia Dakhil Enad Al-lami University of Baghdad / College of Administration and Economics
  • Lamyaa Salman Ali Abd al-Zubaidi Al-Mustansiriyah University- College of Administration and Economics


knowledge dynamics, knowledge dynamic domains, high knowledge dynamism, customer experience management


        The current research dealt with private banking sector in Baghdad, and from it the research problem was launched to answer extent to which the surveyed bank administrations realized the importance of the research variables represented by (knowledge dynamics, customer experience management) and is there relationship between these two variables, and the research aimed to analyze relationship between research variables in descriptive analysis And practically for relationship of knowledge dynamics as an independent variable and management of customer experience as a variable dependent on the research community represented by private banks, and in order to achieve these goals, the field of research (10) banks as research community was chosen: Middle East, Iraqi investment, Iraqi National, Babylon, Commercial gulf,  Islamic Elaf The Iraqi Federation, the Islamic National, Ashur International, International Development, sample was represented by (120) managers in surveyed banks




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